Dirty Fingers Bikes

  • The Dirty Fingers website is an excellent example of my style, which utlizes minimal color choices to highlight rich images. The colors that are used are used sparingly, either for animation only (like the menu icons) or to draw the attention of the user. This minimalistic style helps the user focus on important imagery, callouts, and anything else you may want to highlight.
  • The animations are done with CSS3, which typically has simpler and more visually appealing transitions than traditional Javascript methods. The website is fully responsive and mobile-ready.
  • The website is powered by Wordpress, using a custom theme I designed specifically for Dirty Fingers. This allows me to fully customize a website, rather than altering frameworks or other themes that don't precisely fit the desired model.
  • The website can be reached here, or simply by clicking on the image.

Trimet Web App

  • The Trimet App is less a display of style as it is coding ability. The style is a simple Bootstrap framework, again chosen and arranged minimally to promote user focus on the important pieces.
  • Nearly the entire app is written in Javascript, using React and Flux in a Node.js environment. Since this is a front-end app, I have set up a proxy server in PHP to handle GET requests from the app, relay them to the Trimet servers, and return the appropriate data back to the app.
  • If you are not in Portland, Oregon, the Nearby Stops feature will not work, as it only returns Trimet transit stops within 200 meters of your location. If you would like to see Trimet arrivals, some valid trimet stop IDs include 8344, 8455, 7777, and 8347.
  • The website can be reached here, or simply by clicking on the image. The source code may be found on Github.

Kelly Dollinger Wellness

  • The Kelly Dollinger Wellness website was my first website redesign project. The site is hosted on Wordpress using a child theme of the Genesis framework. I kept and edited the previous theme.
  • I significantly redid the home page to add a parallax patterned background using Javascript, new fonts, and text animated with jQuery and CSS3. I also created new blog link previews with CSS3 animations and a gradient background at the bottom of the page.
  • I edited the style of the remaining pages to have a more consistent color theme, better images, and improved fonts and legibility. I enhanced the header with pseudoelement underline animations for the "Blog" and "Contact Me" buttons, and gave stylistic consistency to the primary navigation menu.
  • I wrote a PHP plugin to add social media icons, which are fixed-position buttons featuring elegant CSS3 transitions. I am currently adding customizability to the plugin to allow editable text and social media icon choices. The plugin, SocialMagic, may be found here.
  • The website can be reached here, or simply by clicking on the image.